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once upon a time...

The concept behind the program

"A young man struggles with keeping his imagination and creativity intact as he grows up. Sometimes all you need is a little play."

Video by Carlos Andina

The name of this video is Puck. After I saw the premier of this short film at USF's Campus Movie Festival in 2015, I became inspired by the concept that our brains are in their most imaginative state of being when we are a kid. Shortly after this realization, I began creating this program...

The 11 Week Program


The First Session!

This session is very fun and is intended for students to figure out what their story will be about. 

Includes: story plotting, brainstorming worksheets, figuring out the ending or whether it will be TBC, and lots of laughs!

Students will also decide if they will write their story with a friend or by themselves!


Now we start writing your stories with you. Each student will have experienced writers who will work one on one with them to ensure that their story stays on track and that they are on a good timeline to end their story the way they wish to. 

Students will also have the chance at the end of each program to share their stories with each other. 


By this point, each student's story is pretty much finished, or has ended a great cliffhanger. Now ILLUSTRATING comes in. Each students gets to work one on one with artists who will teach each student where your illustrations will go, and artists will also help students draw them!


One the last session, each students illustrated story will be overlooked and after, it will be sent to our publisher to be turned into a real published book! 

Once again, students have the chance to share their stories with each other. 

The Promise of the Program

The promised goal of this writing program is for each student to have a finished, published book that a student can hold in their hands. Their book will have an ISBN code on it and will be placed into Green Apple Bookstore and La Promenade Cafe bookstore. Each student will be able to purchase their book from the cafe or have someone else purchase their book. The third copy of their book will arrive in a brown package from the publisher on your doorstep 2-3 weeks after the program is over.

This is when you officially become a published author!

What Comes Included?

Your own personal note book, pens, pencils, drawing materials, 3 published copies of their book, and SNACKS!

Laptops will be included, but we aren't sure how many, and students will have to share, so if you have a laptop PLEASE BRING IT!

Our Published Authors are selling their books at Green Apple Bookstore

Class of Spring 2019


Located at Green Apple Bookstore on Clement and 6th street, San Francisco.


Once Upon a Time Creative Writing and Publishing Program


($30.00 shipping)

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In this class, each student will become a published author by the end and their book will be sold at Green Apple Bookstore. During the course, students will work one on one with a professional author who teaches them how to develop their story of choosing by brainstorming their idea, “talking about it”, using character development, illustrating (optional), and creating a timeline and ending. Each student will receive their own laptop during the course which will enhance their typing skills by typing their stories and they will also learn how their book gets made into a real book. Snacks, drinks, and laptops included. 

Shipping Fee = Publishing Fee  (includes: cover design, one hardcopy shipped to you, two soft copies at Green Apple Books, journals, pencils, pens, etc.)

2018 Winner

Winner of the Ezra Jack Keats Book Making Competition


Violet Gluck's book, Sadness at it's Best, was entered into the Ezra Jack Keats Book Making competition and ended up winning first prize. 

Meet the Creator of Once upon a time:

Nicole Jenkins began creating Once Upon a Time Creative Writing and Publishing School in November 2016 after babysitting Gabriel and Violet Gluck, a third grader from New Traditions Elementary and a seventh grader from Roosevelt Middle school. Nicole already had the idea to create the writing school before babysitting after her twelve year old cousin had asked her to help her with a story she was writing. When Nicole went to babysit Gabriel Gluck, she told him about her idea and he loved it. That night they stayed up working on his comic book he had been writing until his parents and sister, Violet, came home. When his sister, Violet, saw what they were doing, her interest was peaked. That's when Gabriel said to Violet, "You have to show Nicole your Squirrel story, she can helo you publish it and even put it into a bookstore!" Within a week, Gabriel and Violet were Nicole's first two students. Within 3 months, Violet and Gabriel had gotten all of their close friends involved. And within 6 months, Nicole had partnered with each of their schools and began hosting creative writing and publishing classes to more than 15 kids at a time. Now the writing program is all over San Francisco.



Above is Nicole's first novel she wrote titled How to Steal A Heart. It was published in February 2016, shortly before Nicole got the inspiration to create Once Upon a Time. The novel depicts what it would be like to be bi-sexual as a teenager and is intended for young adults.,



Above is Nicole's second novel. It is the first book of her new children's book series for children, titled, The Infinity School and the eventful life of Charlie Moon. It depicts what it would be like to meet someone in your dreams before meeting them in real life. Nicole plans to give out a copy to each  student once a final edit of it is released in Spring 2020.